Get to know the ac window even further

You will know the different types of air conditioners you normally use, but there are many other types of air conditioners that also need to be recognized further. And if the tool is damaged, it would be better if using services from aircon singapore.

One type of air conditioner you should know is air conditioner window. Air conditioner window is the first formed ac that has a physical shape box and without using the remote control because the regulator button is incorporated in the display of this tool. This air conditioner box has various components such as coolant, vaporizer, compressor, cooling coil, and expansion valve. This air conditioner is usually located in an empty slot under the window or slot that is on the wall of the room.

This type is also known as the type of unitary where the engine inside out the cold air into the desired room and remove hot air outside the room. Usually, AC Window has a capacity of 0.5 PK to 2.5 PK.