Tips to Prepare Your Physical Wellness Before Going Hajj

You know the pilgrimage and umrah require stamina fit body. Nearly 70 percent of its activities demand your physical endurance. Among these are wukuf for those who perform the pilgrimage, thawaf, and sa’I for both rely on the strength of your feet to keep going. Not to mention the temperature in Mecca is hot and hot. A loss for you if you do not prepare your physical wellness. Here are tips on how to prepare physically before the Hajj and Umrah. For the package needs, you can visit


Regular exercise should be done at least one month before departure to prepare your physical. Do not exercise hard, you can do the morning walk every day. Remember, many activities of Hajj and Umrah are done on foot. If you are a busy person, climb up and down the emergency stairs, the office building may be his successor. In addition, you can also try other sports like swimming. Clear swimming requires constant movement of the legs so that your leg muscles work. Make sure that you will do a general checkup before going to the holy land for Haj or Umrah.