X10 Khoa Lak Beach Hotel for Your Honeymoon Trip

If you are thinking about spending your honeymoon on Khoa Lak, you will need to choose X10 for your hotel to stay while in Khoa Lak. Basically, this Khoa Lak Beach Hotel is meant for the families who bring some kids, but this hotel has the romantic and exotic sides that you will love as a newlywed couple. Because that reason, this hotel is very good for those who want to spend their honeymoon in Khoa Lak, Thailand.

For your information, this hotel is near the Khoa Lak Beach. That means you will not need to worry if you want to go to the beach to see the sunset or the sunrise. As an addition to that, this hotel also has the seaside restaurant with the romantic view of the beach and the sea. That is another reason why this Khoa Lak beach hotel is becoming one nice option for those who want to spend their honeymoon in Khoa Lak.

If you think that this hotel will give you the kind of fully romantic and natural sceneries around the hotel, you will not get that kind of thing. That is because this hotel is designed to give the kind of modern architecture overall. Because of that reason, most of the parts of this hotel have the kind of modern touch all around. If you are thinking about spending some of your nights in this hotel, you will be glad to know that the starting room rate for this hotel is about 100 dollars only. That room rate is considered something quite affordable. That is because the average room rate at the Khoa Lak beach hotel that you can find in Khoa Lak is about 150 dollars a night. So, will you think twice about spending your honeymoon in X10?