Smart Tips Choosing Stocking For You

For you women, must have understood that one of the functions of the stocking is to add beautiful appearance. Stocking or foot coating has a variety of sizes and thickness, ranging from thin and tend to be transparent to be made from thick. Then do you already know how to choose the stocking that suits your personality?

First, check your waistline and height, then check your height and weight. By determining both of these things, you can already determine the most suitable stockings.

There are two ways of knowing the size of the stocking is determined by standard sizes like S, M, L, XL, or by measuring its thickness using Den or Denier or you can check our website in relation to other models that you can choose for your stockings.

Den or denier is a measure of thickness stockings that can be adjusted with the appearance you want. If you want a transparent stocking or thin size is 100-120 denier. Stocking with medium thickness has size up to 180 deniers. If you are in the cold air, you can also choose thicker stockings, because, in addition to supporting the appearance, thick stockings can also work to protect the feet from cold weather. In the market, this thick stocking sizes ranging from 480 deniers to 880 deniers. Many ways to make our appearance always look perfect and make a lot of people interested, ranging from body care, makeup, accessories, shoes, bags, clothing and even stocking options that will be used. Stocking use is commonly used by many women especially in big cities who want to try something new or cover some of the lower body to make it look more beautiful and attractive. But do you know that there are many kinds and types of stockings that we rarely know?

Here are the kinds of stockings you need to know to make the right choice, from color selection, size and type ie Thigh high. Stocking up thighs that can be used with hold up or stay up high hold on the toe to hold stocking position unchanged, no imprint or pain. Knee high tight knee. This stocking has a length below the knee starting from the calf high, ankle high or quarter high. Pantyhose. This type of stocking has the shape of trousers, as for various types of pantyhose like sheer waist, suspender or crotchless.